Sunny Knoll EcoFarm is owned and operated by Sarah and Kevin.

Sarah is the chief designer and manager. She grew up on a family farm in Virginia, where she helped to milk and care for about 100 registered Guernsey cows. She earned a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University with research on crop pollination and native bee conservation, completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California-Davis researching sustainable wine grape production, and held a tenure-track position as assistant professor of conservation biology in Sacramento. Sarah resigned from that position to work full-time designing, creating, and operating Sunny Knoll EcoFarm. She especially enjoys the challenge of combining practical agricultural experience with knowledge of ecology to create a farm that is a sustainable agricultural ecosystem, in which the animals and plants complement each other to produce healthy and delicious food. 

Kevin assists with farm operations and holds the position of chief quality control officer; his talents are often needed to taste-test our products. The toddler helps with daily farm operations and also holds the position of chief chicken trainer. The infant also assists with the farming, especially dumping out the cat's water dish, ensuring that the cat receives fresh water many times daily.