We have several registered Guernseys available now. Please email sarah@sunnyknollecofarm.com if you would like to be contacted when we have additional A2/A2 grass-fed Guernseys for sale. 

Amaryllis—Under Deposit, Pending Pickup

Amaryllis is six months old and has been raised on plenty of real milk, around two gallons a day for over 6 months. Feeding so much real milk for six months is very expensive, due to the value of the milk, but we think it’s worth the investment to grow a calf with a superior digestive system and body structure. Calves raised for months on real milk are ready to thrive on grass and are phsyiologically and structurally prepared for a long, healthy life. Amaryllis is third-generation grass-fed. Her mother Ariana is a steady milker and maintains her body condition well on grass. Her grandmother Aris is a powerhouse of a grass-fed cow, still young, lively, and healthy at 11 years old. Ariana lets her milk down quickly and easily and stands nicely to be milked. For several years, I hand-milked Aris out in the pasture without even tying her up. She stood nicely and is very pleasant to hand milk, with the milk coming out easily. Aris and Ariana both breed back regularly without trouble and birth their calves problem-free; neither has ever had milk fever or any metabolic problems. Amaryllis has a sister, Eliana, who is a beautiful-looking heifer about to join the milking herd with her first calf due in a few days. Amaryllis is vaccinated for Brucellosis and dehorned. She is currently on pasture and knows how to graze and eat hay. She knows how to drink milk from a bucket. Amaryllis is a lovely calf and I had planned to keep her to add to my herd, but I am making her available for sale now as we are headed into drought conditions and I need to reduce my herd a little to keep my pastures in good condition. Amaryllis is A2/A2 by parentage. Amaryllis is available for $2825.


Tulip’s Bull Calf

Tulip’s bull calf was born on June 9, 2019. He is third generation 100% grass-fed and A2/A2 by parentage. He has been nursing his mother since birth and learning proper cow manners in a small group of mother cows with young calves. He and Tulip have access to pasture 24/7 and she’s teaching him how to graze. He is growing nicely. He comes from Teddy’s wonderful cow family. Teddy, his grandmother, scored 88 points and was an exceptionally good producer. We have three of Teddy’s daughters, and three of her granddaughters in our herd. They are all extremely sweet, easy to manage, good producers, healthy, and thrive on grass. Tulip is currently nursing her calf full-time (I estimate he’s probably drinking at least three gallons a day) and still producing three additional gallons on once-a-day milking with no calf separation. He is currently unregistered but can be registered. He is currently available for $385 registered, $285 unregistered, which includes the option of keeping him here until August 9 so that he can get a good start nursing his mother.

Tulip and Calf 2019.jpg


Aris is due July 17 with sexed semen, meaning that there is a better than 90% chance that she will have a heifer calf. For several years, I hand-milked Aris in our pasture without even tying her up. She is easy and pleasant to hand-milk. We now milk in stanchions in our barn, and she is also easy to milk with a machine. Aris does very well on 100%-grassfed and is a steady milk producer. She is an excellent mother and can easily birth a calf, get the calf up and nursing, and care for the calf without human help. I have never had to assist one of her births, she has never had milk fever or any metabolic problems. Aris has had 7 heifer calves and 2 bull calves; they have all been live births of healthy calves. Her udder is still high and well-attached, and she has healthy feet and legs. We have never had to have her feet trimmed or any work done on them. Aris has three working teats (2 back and 1 front). She is up to date on Selenium supplementation and Triangle 10 vaccination. We are offering Aris for sale because we need to reduce our herd a little to manage our pastures in this unusually dry weather we are having, and because she would make a great family cow for someone. Aris is available for $3500.

Aris hand milk.jpg
Aris portrait on green pasture.jpg
Aris registration.jpg

Eliana’s Calf

Eliana has a third generation grass-fed, heifer calf. She’s A2/A2 by parentage, born July 5, 2019. She is available for $2500. We will accept a nonrefundable deposit of $200 to hold this calf (fully refunded, of course, if it’s a bull or not a live birth). The calf can be picked up anytime between birth and two months old. Keeping her beyond two months may be negotiated for an extra charge. Pictures coming soon…..

Ariana’s Calf

Ariana is due in early December with sexed semen. We expect a heifer calf who will be A2/A2 by parentage. We expect to list her for sale.