We have puppies for sale as of February 4, 2018. Please scroll to bottom for puppy information. Contact sarah@sunnyknollecofarm.com

Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs

We rely on Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs for protection against predators. 

Although we are only an hour from Washington D.C., our predator load is high. Loudoun County has more foxes than any other county in the country, so it is not surprising that our farm is surrounded by bold foxes who hunted and killed our chickens in broad daylight before we got our LGD's. Other predators here include raccoons, hawks, and owls. We have heard coyotes howling close to our farm and while we have not seen one on our property our neighbors report confirmed coyote sightings. We have had a suspected mountain lion sighting on our farm, with confirmed cougar sightings at other locations in Loudoun County. With all those predators, our dogs are busy. Before we got the dogs, we lost over $1000 worth of animals in just a few short weeks...chickens, turkeys, and pigs were all taken by predators. 

The LGD's are vigilant guardians of all of our animals. Not only do they keep the predators away but they also help to take care of the animals, assisting with newborn animals, making sure that our animals follow the rules (they make sure the pigs don't eat the turkey food, for example), and letting me know if something is amiss. 

We are hoping for a litter of great pyrenees puppies in Spring 2015 and may have some for sale then. The puppies will be raised with chickens, turkeys, guineas, geese, hogs, sheep, and cows. They will be born with the stock and exposed to the stock from birth. The pups will be raised by both parents. They will be well socialized with people as well as animals. We do puppy aptitude testing to assist in matching pup personalities and abilities to particular jobs and environments. Email sarah@sunnyknollecofarm.com if you want to get on the wait list now.

Meet Our Dogs


Rocky is as massive as he is gentle. As the leader of our LGD's, he displays his intelligence regularly and takes his job very seriously. He has saved chickens from the talons of raptors and returned them safe and unharmed to the flock. Rocky shows his experience and wisdom by barking not at any little thing but instead only when there is a true need. When Rocky finds a gate that was mistakenly left open, he will usually lie down in the opening and stay there for hours to prevent animals from going into the wrong pasture.  He is very attached to Rosie and communicates well with her. 


Rosie is sweet and beautiful. While she walks smoothly on a leash and adores her human family, she is very strongly bonded to her stock. She tends to go out farther from the barn area than the males and is often the first to bark at a predator. We are looking forward to keeping one or more of her puppies to add to our force of livestock guardians for our own farm. 

Puppies--$500 each


Rosie's last litter was born on January 2, 2018. We have a few puppies still available from this litter.

Our puppies have fantastic potential as livestock guardian dogs. Both of their parents (Rocky and Rosie) are proven working dogs; you can meet them both here at our farm. Rocky and Rosie are sweet, loving, and affectionate with their human family. They provide outstanding predator protection and also help out around the farm in other ways. Rosie and Rocky are extremely intelligent and while they usually don't try to control the livestock in any way, if something is amiss, such as a cow in the wrong place, they will immediately step up to help without being aggressive to anything or anybody other than predators. Rocky and Rosie are both safe with chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, geese, hogs, cattle, sheep, goats, and cats. Both parents generally do not help themselves to eggs. Neither parent is registered, but we have every reason to believe that both are purebred. 

They are exposed to chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, geese, cats, cattle, sheep, goats, and hogs. The puppies are handled daily. They are very sweet and used to extensive human contact, while they do remain exclusively in the barn and with the stock in preparation for life as a working dog.

Our dogs are fed a high-quality, raw diet, ensuring excellent prenatal and early nutrition for the puppies. 

We ask for a $100 nonrefundable deposit, with the balance due at pickup at 8 weeks old. Depending on where you live, we may be able to help with transportation if you are along the route for one of the spring trips that we have planned. Email sarah@sunnyknollecofarm.com for more information. 

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Puppy Graduates

Our puppies have been successfully placed on large working farms, small homesteads, and as pets in suburban homes (with large yards). They loyally care for their livestock and their people. A few of our puppies, now grown and working for their new owners, are pictured below.