Sunny Knoll EcoFarm is situated in the rolling hills of northern Virginia in Loudoun County near Lovettsville, just a few miles south of the Potomac River.

Sunny Knoll EcoFarm is an agricultural ecosystem. We have designed the farm to function as a self-sustaining system, with minimal inputs from off the farm. By allowing our animals to live in their natural state as much as possible, we harness their energy to do some of the farm chores. 

This chart compares and contrasts how problems are solved on Sunny Knoll EcoFarm to how they are typically solved by industrial American agriculture.


Sunny Knoll EcoFarm’s Solution

Conventional Solution

Controlling cow parasites

Ducks & chickens eat insects

Insecticides & dewormers

Controlling poultry diseases

Lots of space; clean housing; pasture rotation

Preventative antibiotics & medicines

Manure management

Chickens spread out cow pies

Manure storage pits & spreading equipment


Guinea hens eat them


Tilling earth

Pigs dig in the ground

Heavy equipment

Harvesting animal feed

Animals graze & forage

Heavy equipment

Soil fertility

Manure is handled for zero runoff; pasture rotation

Chemical fertilizers

Weed control

Diverse animals grazing diverse plants


Controlling insect pests

Poultry eat insects


Controlling snails & slugs

Ducks eat snails & slugs

Metaldehyde & other poisons

Overall animal health

Natural diet, spacious pastures, heritage breeds

Antibiotics, medicines, hormones, etc