Sunny Knoll V I P Violet 


For sale: $2500

Born July 1, 2014

Registered (pending) A2/A2 Guernsey

Violet is second-generation 100% grass-fed. She is drinking golden Guernsey milk and starting to nibble on fresh green pasture. Her mother, Vicki, has a strong, deep body with a good build for grass-fed dairying. Our herd is free of TB, Brucellosis, and Johnes, and the entire herd is 100% grass-fed. Violet received two full bottles of colostrum within a few hours of birth and is healthy, vigorous, and eating well. 

Sire: Abiqua Acres Alstar V I P

Dam: Crown Stone Hazelnut Vicki-TW

Born: 10/26/2009 Registration#: 68027899

Vicki's Sire: Bay Meadow Lewis Hazelnut

Vicki's Dam: Crown Stone Card Marion

Vicki pictured here as a bred heifer