We are very excited to have Stu. He is 100% Setty lines and is the son of Little Ole Stiff Guy, one of the original foundation animals of the guinea hog registry. Stu's sire is under-represented in the breed and we are delighted to add Stu to our breeding program. He is a well-behaved boar--friendly but respectful of people, an easy keeper on hay and a few handfuls of grain. We are looking forward to his first offspring being born in April 2012. 

Stu is a very sweet, gentle boar with a lovely personality. He has never showed any aggression toward people and also tends to get along very well with the other hogs. He respects fences and buildings and is not particularly prone to dig a lot in the ground. 

I'm still waiting for his pedigree from the AGHA but will post it when it's available. His sire is Little Old Stiff Guy and he is out of a Houdini/Rose sow (100% Setty).