Contact to reserve your turkey.

The turkeys will probably range from 10 to 15 pounds each. Pricing for 2018 TBA. They can be picked up at the farm in Lovettsville Virginia. To reserve a turkey, we require a deposit of $50 per turkey. If we are unable to fill your order, we will refund your deposit, but we do not provide a refund if you cancel your order. 

Heritage Breed Narragansett Turkeys

Narragansett turkeys are a heritage breed that has been chosen for the Ark of Taste because of its long American history, oustanding flavor, and excellent meat quality. Because they are not suitable for factory farming, Narragansett turkeys are threatened with extinction. We are establishing a breeding program to help conserve Narragansett turkeys. While it may seem counter-intuitive, you can help save this breed by eating them! The breed has declined because they are not sold in grocery stores. By buying one, you create demand for them once again. We keep the best quality birds for breeding in future years and butcher only the ones that are not suitable breeding stock, thereby helping to maintain the quality of the breed.

Pastured, grass-fed, free-range

Narragansett turkeys are active, hardy foragers who avoid predators. We only a few turkeys (about 20) on lots of land (15 acres). The turkeys are out in the pasture from dawn to dusk eating grass, bugs, and other forage. We give them about an ounce or two of feed per bird, in the evening to bribe them to come back to their mobile house where we lock them up to keep them safe from night-time predators. Over 90% of their food comes from the pasture. Animals who eat more pasture and less grain are known to have meat with more omega-3 fats, which provide many health advantages.

Fed certified organic, soy-free feed

The small amount of supplemental feed that the turkeys eat is certified organic and soy-free. Our pastures are managed to meet or exceed organic standards.

NO pesticides, chemical fertilizers, GMO's, herbicides, medicines, antibiotics, arsenic, soy, or vaccines EVER

We do not use any of these products. We raise a hardy breed of heritage turkey in a healthy, spacious, clean environment so that these chemicals are simply not necessary.

We do NOT feed our turkeys arsenic, which is a toxin and carcinogen. If you buy chicken or turkey from the grocery store, it may contain arsenic because many major poultry producers feed arsenic in small amounts. It makes the birds grow faster. The USDA allows meat to be sold even if it contains arsenic at levels up to 0.5 ppm even though chronic exposure has been linked to many serious health problems. 

Born and raised on our farm with humane treatment

Our turkeys breed naturally and are raised by their parents in natural family groups. The turkey hens brood their own eggs on pasture. The babies hatch under their mothers and remain with their mother for weeks. When the mother decides they are ready, usually at about one or two days old, the mother takes the babies out into the pasture and shows them what and how to eat. The father helps too, sometimes with the care of the littlelest babies and especially with the care of the teenage turkeys. He takes his offspring around the farm to find food, always vigilant for predators. The father turkey also keeps the youngsters in line, breaking up fights between the adolescent male turkeys. 

This is in contrast to the turkeys you find in the grocery store. Those breeds of turkeys have such artificially large breasts that they are not able to mate naturally (they are artificially inseminated), brood their own eggs (they are brooded and hatch in machines), or walk around and find food (their legs are unable to suppor their weight by about one year of age). 

Delicious meat

We tried three different heritage breeds before choosing Narragansett turkeys, and we think Narragansetts taste the best. We think their meat tastes better than grocery store turkey. You do, however, need to be prepared for some important differences. The dark meat is much darker than grocery store dark turkey meat. It has a stronger turkey flavor. Compared to grocery store turkeys, Narragansett turkeys have more dark meat and less white meat (this is because their breasts are a natural size, allowing them to breed and raise their babies naturally). 

 Livestock guardian dogs protect our turkey flock from predators.

Livestock guardian dogs protect our turkey flock from predators.