Eggs from Pastured Chickens who are fed certified organic feeds, (NO soy and NO GMO's)

Truly FREE RANGE chickens

Our eggs are produced by lovingly cared for hens who roam our 15 acres of spacious pastures. They are kept safe from predators by our livestock guardian dogs. This allows them to forage freely from dawn to dusk. 

We keep only a few chickens in a very large area. We currently have about 2 chickens per acre, which is 21,780 square feet per chicken. Compare that to factory farmed chickens that are given less than one square foot per bird!

Our chickens DO eat

  • Grasses from pastures managed to organic standards (pastured eggs contain more omega-3, more vitamins, and less cholesterol)
  • Clover from pastures managed to organic standards
  • Insects that they find in the pasture
  • Certified organic kelp (for vitamins and minerals obtained naturally from the sea)
  • Certified organic, soy-free chicken feed from Countryside Organics
  • Oyster shell for the calcium necessary to ensure strong egg shells

Our chickens DO NOT eat

Naturally Clean Eggs

We manage the chicken nests to keep the eggs as clean as possible.  The eggs are usually so clean that they do not require washing at all, but sometimes we spot clean if necessary.

Chickens live in natural families

Our laying hens live long and happy lives on our farm. If a hen wants to be broody and sit on some eggs to hatch them we allow her to do as she wishes. Our chicks are thus raised naturally, brooded by their mothers and cared for by their mothers without the need for incubators or brooders.  

How to buy

Our eggs are available for sale for $8 a dozen. They can be picked up at the farm by appointment. Contact Sarah at to place your order. 

Grain-free, gluten-free eggs

We occasionally have grain-free, gluten-free eggs available. If you are interested in these, email Sarah at to discuss your requirements.