We may have turkey poults available in spring 2018. 


Narragansett turkeys are ideal for the diversified pasture-based farm. This rare heritage breed is threatened with extinction but is making a comeback. They are renowned for their delicious meat and eggs, friendly disposition, classic coloration, thriftiness on pasture, mothering abilities and overall hardiness. We started out also raising Midget White and Bourbon Red turkeys but found the Narragansetts to be superior in every respect. 


Our Narrgansett turkeys obtain much of their food from foraging on pastures. They have access to pasture every day and choose to spend all of the daylight hours on pasture unless there is extreme winter weather. We supplement them with organic grains, kelp, and minerals. 


We maintain our own breeding stock. In addition to selling breeding stock, we offer poults for sale and sell processed birds for the table. Because we produce quite a few meat birds, we are able to cull heavily and keep only the very best for breeding, leading to a rapid advance in the quality of our stock. Our emphasis is on a hard-working bird with outstanding performance in an organic pasture production system. We are selecting for the following characteristics:

  • Active foragers on pasture
  • Good conformation (the ALBC provides details on heritage turkey conformation)
  • Excellent health without the routine use of antibiotics or other drugs such as wormers
  • Good performance in an organic production system
  • Friendly disposition and safe around people and other animals
  • Meat of exceptional flavor and quality


Our turkeys' main contributions are eating and pooping. They eat countless insects, reducing the numbers of ticks, grasshoppers, flies, and other unwelcome visitors to our pastures. Their manure improves the soil fertility in our pastures. The turkeys play an instrumental role in our ability to maintain a healthy farm without insecticides or synthetic fertilizers.