We have piglets, including unrelated breeding pairs and trios, for sale. Email sarah@sunnyknollecofarm.com to discuss how we can assist you with your current breeding program or assist you in getting started with guinea hogs.



You may click above to pay a $50 deposit on a piglet. Deposits, including partial deposit payments, are only refundable if Sunny Knoll EcoFarm fails to provide livestock.

Piglets are listed below, with individual pictures. Availability is updated daily. The piglets will be registered with the AGHA and are $250 each; we pay the registration transfer fee. The piglets, and their parents, graze pasture during the growing season and hay in the winter. They are supplemented with certified organic, soy-free swine feed; we are moving towards feeding them without any grain at all. Our breeding goals are to produce hogs that are easy to work with, thrive in a pastured organic production system, are good mothers, efficiently produce pork on pasture, and have overall good conformation and health. Additional pictures and other information available upon request. We have delivered piglets throughout the east and have flown piglets to the west coast. If you need assistance bringing a piglet home to your farm, ask us about delivery options that may be available; we often are able to deliver for free along the east coast if we happen to be travelling to your area.  We already have trips planned from Virginia northwest to Ohio around the time these pigs will be weaned. 

Pete X Panda, born March 24, 2012

The parents of this litter both love to dig, so if digging is genetic and you are looking for a pig to root out stumps or turn compost, then these piglets are for you! Because they were the first litter born this spring, they got extra hugs and snuggles from our kids and so should be especially well socialized. 

Sunny Knoll Schuyler--Piglet 19--Pete X Panda--Female, white spot on nose, tiny line of white above each front hoof, evenly spaced teats, spunky, petite, lean, brave--$250--SOLD



Piglet 20--Pete X Panda--Female, solid black, round body type, evenly spaced teats--contact us for current pricing as she is now 5 months old. 




Piglet 21--Pete X Panda--Female--Big, solid, evenly spaced teats--$250--SOLD


Piglet 22--Pete X Panda--Female, solid black, long and leggy, 13 teats--$250--SOLD




Piglet 23--Pete X Panda--Female, solid black, well balanced, 11 teats--$contact us for current pricing as she is now 5 months old. 


Sunny Knoll Pokey--Piglet 24--Pete X Panda--Male--White on both front legs all the way up to the knees, solid, strong, well-balanced, big, nice-looking, calm--$250--SOLD


Pete X Petunia, born March 28, 2012

The father, Pete, is a strong, long, lean, vigorous pig. The mother, Petunia, is solid, chunky, mild-mannered, and very easy to work with; she is also an exceptional mother. This mating tends to produce big, solid pigs with some of them tending toward Pete's long, lean body type and others tending more toward Petunia's chunky, solid build. 


Piglet 25--Pete X Petunia--Male, pink nose, pointy nose, bulky shoulders, leggy, calm--$250




Sunny Knoll Pandora--Piglet 26--Pete X Petunia--Female, white dot on nose, short nose, long body, long legs--$250--SOLD




Piglet 27--Pete X Petunia--Female, white stripe on forehead, pink nose, 10 teats, pointy nose, powerful shoulders---$250--RESERVED


Piglet 28--Pete X Petunia--Male--smaller, white dot on nose, well balanced, easy going--$250




Piglet 29--Pete X Petunia--Male--solid black, long, lean, pointy nose, energetic--$250




Piglet 30--Pete X Petunia--Male--pink nose, big, long, solid, nice-looking, laid-back personality--$250--RESERVED




Piglet 31--Pete X Petunia--Male--solid black, big, long, solid, powerful shoulders--$250--SOLD


Stu X Penny, born April 11, 2012

The father, Stu, is a very mild-mannered, easy-going boar with a smaller, fine-boned build. Penny is also a smaller pig who is very gentle. So far, these piglets are turning out to have calm temperaments and to be small but still solid and sturdy. They would be a good choice for a smaller space and to get along well with kids. For someone who is looking for a breeding pair but is a little intimidated by a bigger boar, a male from this litter may be a good match. Many of these piglets seem to have inherited Stu's nice hams. 


Sunny Knoll Duke--Piglet 32--Stu X Penny--Male--Solid black, big, solid, chunky--$250--SOLD


Sunny Knoll Scamp--Piglet 33--Stu X Penny--Female, solid black, big, solid nice hams, evenly spaced teats, good-looking pig!--$250--SOLD




Sunny Knoll Scooter--Piglet 34--Stu X Penny--Male, solid black, very solid, good hams--$250--SOLD


Sunny Knoll Hamilton--Piglet 35--Stu X Penny--Male, solid black, small, long legs, nice hams--$250--SOLD




Sunny Knoll Sanford--Piglet 36--Stu X Penny--Male, solid black, fine-boned yet strong, petite, well-mannered--$250


Stu X Pansy, born April 11, 2012

Both the parents are very sweet, gentle, and exceptionally easy to manage. These personality traits seem to have been passed on to their babies. The father, Stu, is fine-boned and small while the mother Pansy is chunky and solid; their piglets are nicely balanced with Stu's good-looking hams and Petunia's stout, strong build. 


Sunny Knoll Nolan--Piglet 37--Stu X Pansy--Male, 2 white dots on nose, big, strong shoulders, nice hams, long--$250--SOLD




Sunny Knoll Sophie--Piglet 38--Stu X Pansy--Female--solid black, long legs, long body, big hams, 12 evenly spaced teats, really friendly--$250--SOLD


Sunny Knoll Sadie--Piglet 39--Stu X Pansy--Female, solid black, long body, long legs, nice hams--$250--SOLD




Sunny Knoll Prince--Piglet 40--Stu X Pansy--Male, solid black, long legs, long body, friendly--SOLD




Sunny Knoll Evelyn--Piglet 41--Female--Stu X Pansy--3 white dots on nose, solid body, long legs, nice hams, friendly--$250--SOLD


Piglets (Born September 14, 2011)

Male, solid black. This is a determined, self-reliant pig. He escaped from a fox who ended up eating two of his litter mates. If you are looking for predator resistance, this might be the pig for you. (Pete x Petunia)--This piglet is still available. Email Sarah for more information. 

Male, flashy white points (4 white feet, pink nose, white tip on tail), big, strong, curious (Pete Petunia)--SOLD

Male, 1 white front foot, bright and athletic (Pete Petunia)--SOLD

Female--Big, long, leggy, inquisitive (Pete Petunia)--$250--under deposit

Female--Sunny Knoll Daisy--flashy white points (4 white feet and pink nose), well balanced (Pete Petunia)--Under Deposit


Past Litters (Born April 19, 2011)--Sold Out


Sunny Knoll #3--Sunny Knoll Big Bertha (Pete x Petunia), female, 2.4 pounds at 8 days old, 2 white front feet--SOLD


Sunny Knoll #4--Sunny Knoll Beulah (Pete x Petunia), female, 2.2 pounds at 8 days old, solid black--SOLD



Sunny Knoll #5 ("Sunny Knoll Constance") (Pete x Petunia), female, 2.6 pounds at 8 days old, 2 white front feet and white spot on nose--SOLD


Sunny Knoll #8 (Sunny Knoll Stripey) (Pete x Petunia), female, 2.4 pounds at 8 days old, 2 white front feet and stripe on face--SOLD


Sunny Knoll #11 ("Sunny Knoll Prudence) (Pete x Pansy), female, 2.4 pounds at 8 days old, solid black--SOLD


Sunny Knoll #13 (Sunny Knoll Floss) (Pete x Pansy), female, 2.1 pounds at 8 days old, white spot on nose--SOLD




Sunny Knoll #6 (Pete x Petunia), male, 1.6 pounds at 8 days old, 2 white front feet--not for sale


Sunny Knoll #7 Sunny Knoll Pete (Pete x Petunia), male, 2.4 pounds at 8 days old, 2 white front feet and white spot on nose--Under Deposit



Sunny Knoll #9 (Sunny Knoll Pasquale) (Pete x Pansy), male, 2.8 pounds at 8 days old, solid black--SOLD


Sunny Knoll #10 (Sunny Knoll  Monticello) (Pete x Pansy), male, 3.2 pounds, white spot on nose--SOLD


Sunny Knoll #12 (Sunny Knoll Milo) (dam: Pansy), male, 2.9 pounds, solid black--SOLD