We do not currently have any guinea fowl for sale.





The guinea fowl excel at rustling their own food from the pastures, eating mostly insects, small seeds, and green plants that they find here and there. They "steal" a few certified organic seeds from the chickens and turkeys on occasion. The guineas eat NO grain, soy, gluten, or GMO's. 



We maintain our own breeding stock. We are currntly using broody hens to incubate guinea eggs because none of our guineas has shown any interest in motherly duties. We are eagerly hoping for a broody guinea so that we can select for good mothering traits and have the guineas reproduce themselves, withouth the help of incubators, brooders, or chickens! Our emphasis is on a hard-working bird with outstanding performance in an organic pasture production system. We are selecting for the following characteristics:

  • Active foragers on pasture
  • Excellent health without the routine use of antibiotics or other drugs such as wormers
  • Good performance in an organic production system
  • Meat of exceptional flavor and quality




The guineas primary job is to eat ticks. They are very good at eating ticks and have dramatically reduced the tick population on our farm, sparing both the humans and the animals from dangerous tick bites. The guineas have a wonderful ability to turn the ticks into delicious meat and eggs.