Guernsey Goats

We raise registered British Guernsey goats. Like Guernsey cows, Guernsey goats came from the Isle of Guernsey and are golden brown. Guernsey goats produce milk with a nice fresh, mild flavor. Their milk is high in both protein and butterfat. Guernsey goats are a bit smaller than most dairy breeds, but they are very efficient milk producers. They have gentle, friendly personalities, making them easy to work with. Guernsey goats are rare and in need of conservation. 


The goats graze the pastures and relish eating noxious plants such as poison ivy and brambles. We use their mowing services to trim, maintain, and improve our pastures. Their manure provides much-needed fertilizer for the entire farm. 


We have one mature buck (Bradford) for sale and both polled and horned 2016 bucklings. 

SunnyKnoll Bradford (HB078403H) is a 2014 buck out of SunnyKnoll Alice (HB078033H) by Stumphollo  Camelot (BG000406P). He is halter-trained and well-mannered for hoof-trimming and handling.  He has been very heat-tolerant and parasite resistant. Bradford maintains good health without any grain.  He is available for  $275.

Twin bucklings born 2/18/16 are out of SunnyKnoll Alice (HB078033H) by Stumphollo Camelot (BG000406P). They are both horned and are full brothers to Bradford, pictured above. They will be registered. $250 each. 


Polled 2016 buckling out of SunnyKnoll Denali (HB078406P) by Stumphollo Camelot (BG000406P). This is a fast-growing, sleek and shiny buck out of a yearling doe who is producing very well. We are retaining him for breeding. 

Photo coming soon



Stumphollo Camelot (BG000406P) 

Our Breeding  Does

Sunny Knoll Alice, HB2, is a twin born in 2014 (HB078403H) out of Stumphollo Zinfindel (HB075550P) by Bluecollar Meadowking (BG000321D). Kidding record: 1, 2, 2. She's a good producer, making enough milk to feed twins and be milked. 

Sunny Knoll Acadia, HB2, is a twin born in 2014 (HB078034P) out of Stumphollo Zinfindel (HB075550P) by Bluecollar Meadowking (BG000321D). Kidding record: 1, 2, 2. Acadia is an excellent producer with good lactation persistence, continuing  to produce milk into  the winter when the rest of my does  are  drying themselves up. 

SunnyKnoll Denali, a twin born  in 2015, is polled. She's out of SunnyKnoll Acadia (HB078034P) by Stumphollo  Camelot (BG000406P). She has been milking very well as a yearling. 


Stumphollo Zinfindel (HB075550P) is a polled doe who is a dedicated mother with a calm personality.. Kidding record: 2,2,3,2.

Stumphollo Zephyr