Goat Shares

We will next have goat shares for sale in Spring 2016.

British Guernsey Goats, a rare heritage breed from the Isle of Guernsey provide exceptional milk for our goat share. Guernsey goats have friendly dispositions and are a pleasure to work with. Their milk is creamier than standard dairy goat breeds. Their milk is mild, with a pleasant fresh taste. We hand milk our goats. Our goats obtain most of their food from grazing on pasture and eating hay; they also sometimes eat soy-free, certified organic grain to ensure adequate mineral consumption. 

One goat share costs $21; when you no longer need this share, you may sell it back to us for $21. The board for each share is $21 per month. Share owners typically receive about one quart of goat milk for each share that they own. 

To enquire about goat shares, email sarah@sunnyknollecofarm and put "goat shares" in the subject line.