As of February 4, 2018 we have two geese incubating full clutches and a third goose working on a clutch with 6 eggs laid so far. We hope goslings will hatch around early march. Please email if you are interested in buying 2018 goslings.  


Once common throughout the south and eastern United States, the cotton patch goose is now critically endangered, with perhaps fewer than 100 breeding pairs alive. The cotton patch goose is known for its friendly, non-aggressive personality and its ability to thrive under hot, humid conditions. In the days before herbicides, cotton patch geese were used to weed corn fields, cotton fields, strawberry patches, and gardens. They provided delicious meat, eggs, and fat, and they also produce valuable down. The cotton patch goose is listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and is included in the Ark of Taste. 


During the growing season, the geese eat grass, clover, and other green plants. We feed them no grains or any supplemental food during the growing season when they are laying eggs. In the winter, we supplement with poultry food (always soy-free and certified organic!) if necessary. 


We maintain our own breeding stock. In addition to selling breeding stock, we offer geese for sale and will eventually sell processed birds for the table. Our goal is to maintain the traits for which the cotton patch goose is known, while ensuring that they have the characteristics needed to excell in a low-maintenance, homesteading environment. We are selecting for the following characteristics:

  • Active foragers on pasture, with no grain requirements during the growing season
  • Ability to breed, incubate eggs, and raise babies naturally, without the use of incubators or brooders
  • Excellent health without the routine use of antibiotics or other drugs such as wormers
  • Good performance in an organic production system
  • Friendly, non-aggressive personality
  • Meat and eggs of exceptional flavor and quality


The cotton patch geese mow our orchard. Pushing a lawn mower under dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees is unpleasant at best and damages the trees at worse. Our orchard is planted to a lush mix of clover and grass, which the geese love to eat. The cotton patch geese also mow our lawn, weed our garden, and provide us with 100% pastured, grain-free poultry meat and eggs. 



Goslings can  be picked up her at our farm; we do not ship. We are now taking deposits on our 2016 goslings ($10 nonrefundable deposit per gosling). Gosling prices vary according to age:

0-2 weeks: $50

2-4 weeks: $60

1-2  months: $70

2-3 months $80

3-4 months: $90

4+ months $100