Star has been sold. If you are interested in buying the next registered Guernsey A2/A2 bull calf that we have for sale from our 100% grass-fed herd, email to get on the waiting list. 

Sunny Knoll Star

Registered Guernsey A2/A2 bull calf from 100% grass-fed herd. Born 9/5/12. For sale: $150 registered, or $125 not registered, or best offer. Will nurse cow or bottle. Drank colostrum within hours of birth. No scours or diseases. From TB-free, Brucellosis-free, and Johnes-free herd. 

His mother, Three Brooks Challenge RuthAnn, has the best conformation in my herd. She has a nice wide rear udder and tremendous will to milk. Her milk is rich and creamy. 

His sire is Select Sires Golden J Ronald Grumpy (7GU405). 

His maternal grand-dam, Three Brooks Ron Rawanda produced 19,710M with 4.7% fat and 3.5% protein. 

Available for purchase immediately in Lovettsville, Virginia. Contact Sarah at or 530 902 1714. 

Star's dam, RuthAnn on 100% grass and maintaining body condition well. 

Star's dam, RuthAnn, has a nice wide rear udder. This photo was taken just a couple of days after calving, so there is some swelling in this photo. 

RuthAnn about a month before calving.